The Last Emperor ‎– Music, Magic, Myth (2LP)

The Last Emperor ‎– Music, Magic, Myth (2LP)

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Label: Raptivism ‎‎
Country: US
Released: 2003
Cover: Picture
Format: 2LP
Condition: excellent plus

A1 Intro
A2 Who's That?
A3 Some Love, Some Hate
A4 Tiger Trail
A5 Prisoner

B1 Karma
B2 One Life (feat. Esthero & Poetic)
B3 Meditation
B4 Animalistics

C1 The Underground
C2 The Block Party (feat. Cocoa Brovas)
C3 Do You Care?
C4 Shine

D1 The Incredible Man
D2 Let's Ride
D3 Hold On
D4 Single Mother
D5 The Great Pretender
D6 Outro