The Jazz Hop Conspiracy Vol.2 (2LP)

The Jazz Hop Conspiracy Vol.2 (2LP)

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2xLP - D - PC - 2018 - S!X-Music - new

Limited to only 174 copies !!!

A1 LeVirya - Lids, Muggles & Smokin´ Sides
A2 MAXGONZ - Alleyways
A3 Wolberts - Stereo Ritual
A4 - Duke Busker
A5 Saib. - In The Sky
A6 Mono:Massive - High
A7 The Beatknitter - Velocity
A8 Goomar - Middle Class Standing

B1 Patrick Duvignacq - Belmore Cafeteria
B2 Fab Beat - One More Time
B3 Boztown - Hurry On
B4 ØDYSSEE - It Happens
B5 Handbook - Go Outside
B6 Phlocalyst - Thinking Of You
B7 Styles In Black - Stay True (To The Jazz)
B8 Mr. Käfer - Thoughts

C1 P.R - Worth While
C2 Keizan & DJ Meloman - Les Yeux Dans Le Bleus
C3 Cap Kendricks - Queens Beach
C4 Isaac Haze - Pintado
C5 Devaloop - Mother Sun
C6 Alter Ego -Tigers On My Shirt
C7 Wilczynski - Penthouse "Midnight"

D1 Karmawin - Street Son
D2 Paul Grape - Moment Of Today
D3 Funky Fella - Gimme Kiss II
D4 Hundertmark Beatz - Cold Peppermint
D5 Remulak - Waterfalls
D6 zmeyev - Smooth Jazz
D7 The Innkeepers - Chin