Telemachus – Boring & Weird Historical Music (2LP)

Telemachus – Boring & Weird Historical Music (2LP)

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Label: High Focus Records
Country: UK
Released: 2020
Cover: Picture
Format: 2LP
Condition: sealed

Limited to 500 copies !!!


A1 Ungraceful Piano Sequences
A2 Beaten Gold (feat. Penelope Oddity)
A3 If You Look At Your Face, You Will Know What It Is

B1 You Wanted To Eat A Handful Of Sardines. Did You Not?
B2 Greed (feat. Jerome Thomas)
B3 Disaster-Enabled Vending Machines
B4 A Drizzle Of Vague Compliments

C1 Wickedest Ting (feat. Killa P)
C2 Caroline What Is Wrong With You?
C3 Trying 2 Be Tru 2 Vetruvius
C4 By The Moon (feat. RHI)

D1 Private Sufficiency, Public Luxury
D2 I Am Delicious and Cute. So I Will Go Buy Again
D3 Battle Sequence
D4 Fools Gold (feat. Chris Belson)