Soul Kid Klik ‎– Invisible Army (LP)

Soul Kid Klik ‎– Invisible Army (LP)

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LP - BE - PC - 2018 - Hip-Hop Enterprise - sealed

Limited to 300 copies !!!

A1 Mortal Combat (feat. Blakspik, Spinbad, G-Clef, Goodfella, Infamous & Storm)
A2 Desperate Times (feat. Blakspik, G-Clef, Infamous, Skinslaya & Storm)
A3 I Want Him Dead (feat. Blakspik, G-Clef, Goodfella & Infamous)
A4 Masters Of The Game (feat. Blakspik, Goodfella, Infamous & Storm)
A5 The Demon (feat. Malik Kahaar Ali)
A6 Spark Da Mic (feat. Black Spic, G-Clef, Goodfella, Infamous & Storm)

B1 Cop-N-Go (feat. Blak Spik & G-Clef)
B2 You Don't Know Me (feat. Black Spic & Infamous)
B3 U-N-I Verse (feat. G-Clef & Storm)
B4 What Is The Essence Of A Soul Kid? (feat. Blakspik, Spinbad, G-Clef, Infamous & Quayshaun)
B5 Mortal Combat (Remix) (feat. Blakspik, G-Clef, Goodfella, Infamous & Storm)
B6 Desperate Times (Remix) (feat. Blakspik, G-Clef, Goodfella, Infamous & Skinslaya)