Showbiz ‎– A-Room Therapy (LP)

Showbiz ‎– A-Room Therapy (LP)

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LP - US - PC - 2018 - D.I.T.C. Studios , Slice-of-Spice - sealed

Limited to 350 copies on black vinyl !!!

A1 Do What I Want 2 (feat. David Bars)
A2 Burn Something (feat. A Bless & Tashane)
A3 The Kalief Tale (feat. David Bars)
A4 The Company (feat. A Bless & AG)
A5 Bronx Day (feat. Majestic Gage & Tashane)
A6 City Of The Gods (feat. Showbiz & A.G.)

B1 Speak Ya Mind
B2 I'm A Ride (feat. AG)
B3 Put You Down
B4 Pull Out The Gage (feat. Majestic Gage)
B5 Toe 2 Toe (feat. A Bless, Majestic Gage & Tashane)
B6 Love Never Dies (feat. David Bars)