Ruf Diamonds Volume One (LP)

Ruf Diamonds Volume One (LP)

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Label: The Ruf Label
Country: UK
Released: 1996
Cover: Picture
Format: LP
Condition: very good

 Note: Vinyl looks very used but still plays very good with only light crackling and no skips !!!


A1 Jeep Beat Collective – Hip-Hop Love
A2 Unanimous – Freshest On The Mic (Remix)
A3 The Mighty Mindbomb – Metacosmic Dimensions
A4 Numskullz – Trouble On My Mind (Remix)

B1 The Mighty Mindbomb – Westwood Is A Twat, Allegedly
B2 Suspekt – MCs Pretend
B3 Tribal Lords – Where's It At
B4 Metaphorce – Fair Means Or Foul
B5 The Godfather Of Weird – Lazy Days (Dub)