OD (Oath & Drumz) ‎– Resonance (Tape)

OD (Oath & Drumz) ‎– Resonance (Tape)

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Tape - US - PC - 2019 - KicDrum Products - sealed

Limited to only 30 copies !!!

A1 OD Intro (feat. OG Kaine)
A2 Always Sunny
A3 Ondas
A4 Earland Wind & Fire
A5 Dawn
A6 Dopamine Nyamean
A7 Beach Terrain
A9 Pastorius
A10 Crono Trigger
A11 Amor Desvanecido
A12 The Dose Makes the Poison
A13 She’s Caught in The Loop
A14 Marciano 6ix
A15 Wurly
A16 Sickenin
A17 Retribution I
A18 Dear Mr. Rossum
A19 Four Miles from Independence
A20 Critical Decisions
A21 Hutch
A22 Come to The Innerlude
A23 E.B.E.
A24 Farewell Osaka

B1 DJ Archives Special Mix

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