Munk Wit Da Funk – Holly Hoodz Anthology (2CD)

Munk Wit Da Funk – Holly Hoodz Anthology (2CD)

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Label: Hip-Hop Enterprise
Country: BE
Released: 2021
Cover: Picture
Format: 2CD
Condition: sealed

This is a double disc anthology including all the classics, unreleased tracks, demos, original remixes, freestyles and rarities recorded between 1994 and 2000+ !!!

Limited to 300 copies !!!

Disc 1:

1 Munk’s In Ya Trunk (Intro)
2 Shadows
3 I Blame My Neighborhood (EP Version)
4 Exersize
5 I Been Here I’m Stayin
6 Glamour, Fortune, And Fame
7 Cute Loot (feat. Knowmad & The Militant Mind)
8 Life Of Luxury
9 School Daze
10 Borough 2 Borough
11 Street Soldiers
12 On Da Luv (feat. Knowmad & The Militant Mind)
13 Shadows (Terrorist Remix)
14 I Blame My Neighborhood (Hill Top Remix)
15 Money (Remix)
16 True Hip Hop
17 Learickly (feat. Stewey Nuke'Em aka Don Liberace & Emerge)
18 Love Thing
19 Dis Is How We Do (feat. The Militant Mind)


Disc 2:

1 Money (Debonair P Remix)
2 Money (DJ Ran Remix) (feat. Dina Pullen)
3 Basically Real
4 Munk Wit Da Funk & Jay Rock On The Beat Box (feat. Jay Rock)
5 DJ Ran Power 99 Thunder Storm Intro
6 Golden Boy Radio Intro
7 Cool DJ Frank Mixtape Freestyle
8 Wild Shorty (Ruff Live Studio Take 4 Track Cut)
9 Been Round (feat. The Militant Mind)
10 Down For Mine (Demo)
11 Cosmic Kev Free Style Mixtape Cut (feat. Cosmic Kev)
12 True Gunslinger (Ruff 4 Track Cut)
13 Full Steppin Freestyle (feat. Knowmad)
14 Life Of Luxury (Original Take a.k.a. Clark Park Remix)
15 Exersize (Cannon Remix)
16 I Been Here I'm Stayin (Vocal Remix) (feat. Metaphor & The Militant Mind
17 Exersize (Brick House Remix)
18 Family Business
19 Things Change
20 Nasty World (feat. Bre Collins & The Militant Mind)
21 Cute Loot (Remix)