Metal Fingers – Special Herbs 4,5,6 (2LP)

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Label: Metal Face Records, Shaman Work Recordings
Country: US & EU
Released: 2003
Cover: Picture
Format: 2LP
Condition: excellent plus

Gatefold Sleeve !!!

Note: There is some kind of a pressing error on the beginning of Side C (see picture) which causes skips for the first four rounds plus light pops for the first 90 seconds...the pops are not too disturbing because one of the used samples on this track also has noticeable crackles...otherwise both records are almost near mint !!!


A1 Blood Root
A2 Star Anis
A3 Lemon Grass
A4 Four Thieves Vinegar
A5 Galangal Root

B1 Spikenard
B2 Cinquefoil
B3 Hyssop
B4 Pennyroyal
B5 Lavender Buds

C1 White Willow Bark
C2 Orange Blossoms
C3 Coffin Nails
C4 Kava Kava Root
C5 Valerian Root

D1 Jasmine Blossoms
D2 Black Snake Root
D3 Horehound
D4 Dragon's Blood
D5 Myrtle Leaf
D6 Patchouly Leaves