Jazz Spastiks ‎– Scratch & Sniff (LP & Book)

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LP & Book - UK - PC - 2017 - Jazzplastik - nm

Limited Edition !!!

'Scratch and Sniff' the brand new album (and book) from Jazz Spastiks!
Each song on the album is based on a smell... banana, chocolate,
spray paint, bubblegum and lots more!
Whilst listening you can follow along with the included book,
turn the page when you hear the chimes.
Every track has it's own page in the book featuring
a special scratch and sniff panel.
As you listen you can smell the associated scent.

A1 Introduction (When You Hear This Sound Turn The Page)
A2 Fresh Oranges (Pure Premium)
A3 Spray Paint (Reflection Of Culture)
A4 Bananas (Unzip A Banana)
A5 Cannabis (Dietary Essential)
A6 Yoga Sutra (Quietness Of Mind)
A7 Ice Cream (Joey's Ice Cream Parlour)
A8 Vinyl (One Track Groove)

B1 Apples (Of Course)
B2 Money (Zero Sum Game)
B3 Breathing Break (It Breathes Me)
B4 Pop Corn (You Oughta Have A Popper)
B5 Marshmallow (Mystery Tour)
B6 Bubblegum (Bubble, Bubble, Bubble, Bubble Pop)
B7 Chocolate (Food Of The Gods)
B8 Coffee (Better Wake Up)
B9 Toothpaste (It's Really Fun !)