Illinformed – Illin For Meds (2LP)

Illinformed – Illin For Meds (2LP)

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Label: Real Live Drama Records
Country: UK
Released: 2023
Cover: Picture
Format: 2LP
Condition: sealed

Limited to 550 copies !!!

A1 Rotten (feat. Jack Jetson & Eric The Red)
A2 Horror (feat. Dirt Platoon, Ruste Juxx, Bva & Leaf Dog)
A3 Doctor (feat. Eric The Red, Wish Master, Verb T, Sean Peng, 1jack, Sk!nt & Smellington Piff)
A4 Doomed (feat. Jack Jetson & Babylon Dead)
A5 On Peds (feat. Bil Next, Bill Shakes & Datkid)
A6 Nothin Else (feat. Gaza Glock)

B1 Grave Yard (feat. Leaf Dog & Babylon Dead)
B2 On The Hunt (feat. Wyatt Earp)
B3 Bun Dem (feat. Bva, Babylon Dead & Jack Jetson)
B4 Slippery Slope (feat. Sean Peng)
B5 Concern (feat. All Hail Y.T. & Chris Skillz)
B6 Scud (feat. Pertrelli, Bisk & Jack Jetson)

C1 Till The End (feat. Left Lane Didon)
C2 Through Ya Door (feat. General, Crossbow T & Datkid)
C3 The Omen (feat. Jay Nice)
C4 I Need My Meds (feat. Inja)
C5 On The Edge (feat. Jack Jetson, Bva & Verb T)
C6 Illin (feat. Datkid)

D1 Bad Times (feat. Eric The Red, Bva, Verb T & Frek 1)
D2 Bukowski (feat. Jack Jetson, Bil Next & Datkid)
D3 Watch Out (feat. Lisaan'dro & Chris Skillz)
D4 Valerie Blue (feat. Res One)
D5 Still Cruddin (feat. Datkid, Pertrelli & Bva)
D6 What For (feat. Tony Broke)