Hydrogenii ‎– The Remix Tape (Tape)

Hydrogenii ‎– The Remix Tape (Tape)

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Tape - DE - PC - 2018 - POSTPARTUM. - new

Limited to 100 hand-numbered copies !!!

A1 Introduction
A2 Rock On (RMX)
A3 Hardcore Hip Hop (RMX)
A4 Fades 'Em All (RMX)
A5 How High (RMX)
A6 Firewater (RMX)
A7 Fakin' Jax (RMX)
A8 Suicidal Thoughts (RMX)
A9 One Little Indian (RMX)
A10 This That Shit (RMX)
A11 Do You Believe (RMX)
A12 How Many MC's (RMX)

B1 Introduction (Instrumental)
B2 Rock On (RMX Instrumental)
B3 Hardcore Hip Hop (RMX Instrumental)
B4 Fades 'Em All (RMX Instrumental)
B5 How High (RMX Instrumental)
B6 Firewater (RMX Instrumental)
B7 Fakin' Jax (RMX Instrumental)
B8 Suicidal Thoughts (RMX Instrumental)
B9 One Little Indian (RMX Instrumental)
B10 This That Shit (RMX Instrumental)
B11 Do You Believe (RMX Instrumental)
B12 How Many MC's (RMX Instrumental)