Hock Tu Down ‎– Prozium Peddlin (2LP)

Hock Tu Down ‎– Prozium Peddlin (2LP)

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2xLP - UK - PC - 2019 - Blah Records - new

Limited to 300 copies !!!

A1 Induction Day
A2 Drug Co.
A3 Prozium Peddlin
A4 Shock Horror

B5 Beer Run
B6 Anti-Sobriety
B7 Hits From The Wrong (feat. Tame One)
B8 Cold Sag Scumbag

C9 What Is Gonzo Lyricism? (feat. Monster Under The Bed)
C10 Wise Ed The Dope
C11 Lighter Fluid
C12 Big Brenda

D13 The Same Diffrent Angle
D14 The Hock Tu Bop
D15 Blueberry Jam (feat. Bill Shakes)
D16 44 Reasons