Hannibal King ‎– Flowers For Pamela (LP)

Hannibal King ‎– Flowers For Pamela (LP)

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LP - D - PC - 2013 - Vinyldigital - sealed

Limited to 200 copies !!!

A1 Beginning
A2 Flowers For Pamela
A3 Lately (feat. Ace Da Vinci & Waneek)
A4 Gettin' High (onLove)
A5 Appleton Suite
A6 Villains (feat. Bub Styles)
A7 Middle (Tea And Tree Suite)
A8 When We Grow Up (feat. Cody B. Ware)
A9 Because I Love You

B1 Flowers For Love
B2 Persephone (feat. 10ille)
B3 Good Days
B4 Villains (Redux) (feat. Bub Styles)
B5 Song For Lovers
B6 Lately (Remix) (feat. Bub Styles, Caleb of Quincy Vidal & JF Coop)
B7 Flowers Un
B8 Flowers Deux
B9 Flowers Trois