Funky RecordZ – SP Fanatic (Tape)

Funky RecordZ – SP Fanatic (Tape)

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Tape - UK - PC - 2019 - Escapizm Records - new

Limited to only 40 copies !!!

incl. stickers !!!

A1 Insaine In The Brain
A2 Riffle
A3 Hold It Now
A4 How About Soul
A5 Guns Go Pow Pow
A6 Chill Rhyme
A7 Full Of Green
A8 Concrete Jungle
A9 Days On My Block
A10 Hip-Hop Is Dead
A11 Every Seed
A12 Junky Bong
A13 Feeling Lucky
A14 4 YO Mind
A15 Graham

B1 Disgusting!
B2 Miguel
B3 Morning Frost
B4 Nobody Fall
B5 Pack It Up
B6 Purple Ice
B7 Dip-Dip Dap!
B8 Rock Right Now
B9 Rotten Apple
B10 Seelow
B11 SooShie
B12 Start Testing
B13 Stay Man
B14 Weird Science
B15 Zipped Up