DJ Obsolete ‎– The Mandela Effect (LP)

DJ Obsolete ‎– The Mandela Effect (LP)

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LP - UK - PC - 2018 - Village Live - sealed

Limited to 400 copies on black vinyl !!!

A1 Intro
A2 Aw Baby
A3 Golden Tactics (feat. Nomadic)
A4 Interlude I
A5 Hole In Ya Speaker
A6 Chasin' It (feat. Blabbermouf)
A7 Interlude II
A8 Mercy
A9 Duel To The Death (feat. Warpath)
A10 Interlude III

B1 Introlude
B2 Obsolete
B3 Straitjacket (feat. Ill Conscious)
B4 Interlude IV
B5 Tunes
B6 Increase (feat. Gee Bag)
B7 Interlude V
B8 Hip-Hop (I Miss H.E.R)
B9 Sweet Somethin' (feat. Dysfunkshunal Familee)
B10 Outro