Dereliks – Broken Cyphers - The Anthology (4LP)

Dereliks – Broken Cyphers - The Anthology (4LP)

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Label: Dereliks
Country: US
Released: 2022
Cover: Picture
Format: 4LP
Condition: sealed

Limited to only 100 copies !!!

Quad-Fold Sleeve !!!

incl. Digital Download Code !!!

A1 I Am A Record
A2 Birds & Bees
A3 The Phrase That Pays
A4 I Am An Instrumental

B1 Iz On Some Other
B2 The Mate That Fate Created
B3 Hen On Some Other

C1 Desperately Seeking Nola Darling
C2 Trip Off The Past
C3 Seasons Bring Change 2
C4 A.S.T.A.P.G.O.T.B.

D1 Strive
D2 Dereliktual Band
D3 Summer I Fall (Revisited)

E1 Instrumental
E2 Drama Club
E3 Period
E4 Ruckus 1

F1 No Gnuz Remix
F2 Charlie Brown Xmas
F3 Mate 89
F4 At A Loss

G1 Nola Remix
G2 R Shady
G3 West Got Stress

H1 Dumb
H2 Trains
H3 End This World