Count Bass D ‎– Dwight Spitz (2LP)

Count Bass D ‎– Dwight Spitz (2LP)

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Label: High Times Records ‎‎
Country: US
Released: 2002
Cover: Picture
Format: 2LP
Condition: excellent

Note: Side A has two tiny scratches who causes four pops on Track A6 and six light pops on Track A9 !!!

A1 Jussa Player
A2 Aural S(ECT)s
A3 Gon' Get Yours
A4 Antemeridian
A5 Postmeridian
A6 How We Met (feat. Edan)
A7 Just Say No To Drugs
A8 Sanctuary
A9 Subwoofer

B1 Truth To Light
B2 Real Music Vs. Bu11$#!+
B3 August 25, 2001
B4 Hello Test Test (feat. Cana & Hezekiah)
B5 Blackman Dreams (feat. Lil' D)
B6 Reign Or Shine (feat. Rayna Shine)
B7 Quite Buttery (feat. MF Doom)

C1 Blues For Percy Carey
C2 Seven Years (feat. Dionne Farris)
C3 Ohio Players
C4 Dwight Spitz

D1 Make A Buck (feat. MF Doom)
D2 My First Piece (feat. Hezekiah & Oriana Lee)
D3 Take Control
D4 Coming Soon
D5 Beat 4our