Bobby Obsy – Rusty Gate (LP)

Bobby Obsy – Rusty Gate (LP)

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LP - CH - PC - 2018 - Room 11 - sealed

Limited to only 125 copies !!!

A1 Skit 1, Beginnings
A2 Theme Song
A3 Silent Blow
A4 Hollow Hill
A5 Skit 2, The Beat Kinetic
A6 Scarlet
A7 Alchemy
A8 Madeline City

B1 Skit 3, Streets talk talk
B2 Bitter Kiss
B3 Paralysed
B4 Skit 4, The Vinyl Hunteryl Hu...
B5 Big Heat
B6 Mystery Man
B7 Gutbucket
B8 Skit 5, The Whistler
B9 A Ghost in Town