Triple Darkness – Kurayami 暗やみ (2LP)

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Label: Hidden Identity Productions
Country: UK
Released: 2023
Cover: Picture
Format: 2LP
Condition: excellent

Limited to only 100 copies on white vinyl !!!

Gatefold Sleeve !!!

A1 Triple Darkness – Intro
A2 Solar Black, Neter Rootz, Ray Vendetta, Ringz Ov Saturn, Tesla's Ghost, Cyrus Malachi & Safwan – Salvage The Bones
A3 Neter Rootz, Solar Black, Ray Vendetta, Crown Nectar, Tesla's Ghost, Cyrus Malachi, Ramson Badbones & Safwan – The Thin Veil
A4 Solar Black, Ringz Ov Saturn, Tesla's Ghost & Safwan – Cardinal Sin

B1 Crown Nectar, Ramson Badbones, Solar Black, Cyrus Malachi, Ray Vendetta, Neter Rootz, Tesla's Ghost & Safwan – The Compassionate And The Vile
B2 Cyrus Malachi, Ringz Ov Saturn, Ray Vendetta & Ramson Badbones – Equiano
B3 Crown Nectar, Tesla's Ghost, Solar Black, Cyrus Malachi & Safwan – Wolfsbane

C1 Ray Vendetta, Cyrus Malachi, Solar Black & Ramson Badbones – Tyranny Of The Sentinel
C2 Neter Rootz, Tesla's Ghost, Ray Vendetta & Solar Black – Grapes Of Wrath
C3 Crown Nectar, Tesla's Ghost, Ray Vendetta, Ramson Badbones & Safwan – Luxor

D1 Ramson Badbones, Ringz Ov Saturn, Neter Rootz, Ray Vendetta & Safwan – Coming Forth By Day
D2 Cyrus Malachi, Ray Vendetta, Ramson Badbones, Tesla's Ghost, Crown Nectar, Solar Black & Safwan – Utensils
D3 Cyrus Malachi, Ray Vendetta, Tesla's Ghost, Ramson Badbones & Safwan – Buzzsaw