TreBeats ‎– The Urge To Save It All (2LP)

TreBeats ‎– The Urge To Save It All (2LP)

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Label: Swissgarden Music
Country: CH
Released: 2020
Cover: Picture
Format: 2LP
Condition: new

Limited to 200 copies !!!

A1 Intro
A2 The Urge To Save It All (feat. Jace Abstract, Mister Personal & Agi-State)
A3 El Classico (feat. Shape)
A4 Infinite (feat. Kimba & Mo The General)
A5 Love Like This
A6 Mother Of Mine (feat. Aida)

B1 Solo Hay Un Camino (feat. Delarue Squad)
B2 Syllables (feat. Shape, Taz & Crosby)
B3 Ready For War (feat. Zitral, Ruff, Limmitt, Sulaya, Chilz, Sigi MC & C-Real)
B4 The First Element (feat. DJ Kermit)
B5 Craft The Style (feat. Sigi MC)

C1 Belly Of The Beast (feat. K-Prez)
C2 Dying Seed (feat. C-Real & Big Huey)
C3 Chule Conexión (feat. Terrible, Jota Valderrama, Matiah Chinaski & Bufalo Dit)
C4 Underground (feat. Shape)
C5 El Asesino (feat. DoneOne & Judgement)
C6 Pesadillas (feat. Juan El Culpable & Funky Flu)

D1 Raw Emotion (feat. Mister Personal)
D2 Statement (feat. Starrlight, La Nefera & Aida)
D3 Eastgarden Cypher (feat. Agi-State, Eject, C-Real, Mister Personal, Vreakin Vonk, Starrlight, Shape, Jace Abstract, Mentalz, Influenza, Kain Slim & Djeekee)
D4 Outro