Third Sight ‎– Symbionese Liberation Album (2LP)

Third Sight ‎– Symbionese Liberation Album (2LP)

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Label: Expanded-Art-Records
Country: DE
Released: 2004
Cover: Picture
Format: 2LP
Condition: mint

Limited to 300 hand-numbered copies !!!

Pressed on green / white marbled vinyl !!!


A1 Hypothermia
A2 Tonto
A3 Crawl Space
A4 Hasenpfeffer
A5 Zodiac Killer

B1 The People Vs. The Fake
B2 Nine In My Pocket
B3 The Limpire Strikes Back
B4 Run

C2 Stop Rapping
C3 Will I Get Shot By A Dope Fiend? (feat. MF Grimm)
C4 The Shepherd And The Sheep Dog

D1 Rip Mics In Half (feat. Azeem, Dave Dub, Eye Cue, Insomniac & Rashinel)
D2 Anti-Happy
D3 Idle Smasher
D4 Harry Scrotum