Thee Insekt ‎– Dayz Of Thunder (2LP)

Thee Insekt ‎– Dayz Of Thunder (2LP)

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2xLP - B - PC - ? - Brick9000 Records - ex+

G1 Insert 'PIN' Code * * * *
G2 Eatin' Barbeque And Drinkin' R.E.A.L. Soda
G3 R.A.B. Crew 2005
G4 Live in B.X.
G5 The Mechanical Man (Scratch Robot)

R1 In Your Earhole
R2 Elektrik Hand Voyage
R3 Get Live
R4 Feel The Steel
R5 Ultramagnavox

A1 Thunder Prelude
A2 The Momenthum (Remix)
A3 Muzik Translator
A4 Theme For Mr. Cheebahawkes
A5 Skit #171

ZZ1 Do The Funky Grazzhoppa
ZZ2 Do You Like?? The Remix
ZZ3 Dayz Of Thunder
ZZ4 Live In Amsterdam
ZZ5 The Last Data