Robochop – Boom Lab (LP)

Robochop – Boom Lab (LP)

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Label: Ninetofive Records
Country: DE
Released: 2021
Cover: Picture
Format: LP
Condition: new

Limited to 300 copies !!!

A1 Street Hop (feat. DJ Shifroc)
A2 90s Keys
A3 Wake Up Each Day (feat. Dj L-Coholic)
A4 Mac Gyver & The Fake MCs (feat. DJ Shifroc)
A5 Last Of Us (feat. Hydrogenii)
A6 NCC (feat. Kgee)
A7 HipHop (feat. DJ Shifroc)

B1 Boom Bap Love (feat. DJ L-Coholic)
B2 Jammin
B3 Need A Prayer
B4 The World (feat. Kgee)
B5 Keep On Lovin (feat. Kgee)
B6 Sound Lab (feat. DJ Shifroc & SMT)
B7 Brothers & Sisters (feat. DJ Shifroc)