Pseudo Intellectuals ‎– Resourceful Illery (2LP)

Pseudo Intellectuals ‎– Resourceful Illery (2LP)

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2xLP - PL - PC - 2013 - Lo Do Records, Druh Sławek Records - new

Limited to 199 copies !!!

A1 Resourceful Illery
A2 Septemberfest
A3 No Money, Mo Problems
A4 The Elmwood Avenues

B1 Interlude
B2 Autumn Leaves
B3 Abide
B4 Constantly Professiona (feat. Definition)
B5 Novemberfest
B6 If On A Winter's Night A Rapper

C1 Uptown Wednesday Night
C2 Lullaby Of Lyndale (feat. Definition)
C3 The Impudent Date Rap
C4 Round Midnight
C5 Decemberfest

D1 LaFontaine
D2 Hardboiled
D3 Romance Without Finance
D4 Ninety-Seven New York Advertising Men
D5 Hope