Necro ‎– The Notorious Goriest (2LP)

Necro ‎– The Notorious Goriest (2LP)

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Label: Psycho+Logical-Records
Country: EU
Released: 2019
Cover: Picture
Format: 2LP
Condition: sealed

Black Vinyl Edition !!!

A1 Intro
A2 Murder Obscene
A3 HNA Intro
A4 Head Neck Apartheid
A5 My Precious

B1 Know Con-Science
B2 WTWCT Intro
B3 What's This World Coming To?
B4 Deaded
B5 Caught It!

C1 The Love & Terror Cult
C2 Party Killer
C3 The Notorious Goriest (When Will You Die!?)
C4 Gat O' 9 Tales
C5 TMOR Intro
C6 The Master of Ruckus

D1 Grave Old World
D2 Stories of the Almost Dead
D3 The Dawn of a Dead Day
D4 Outro