Necro – The Murder Murder Kill Kill (2EP)

Necro – The Murder Murder Kill Kill (2EP)

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Label: HHV
Country: EU
Released: 2012
Cover: Picture
Format: 2xEP
Condition: new

Limited Edition pressed on red vinyl !!!


A1 Toxsik Waltz
A2 The System (feat. The Godfathers)
A3 No Concern
A4 Gore! (feat. Gruesome Twosome)

B1 Sharon's Fetus (The Pre-Kill)
B2 Schizophrenia
B3 Tough Jew
B4 Rabbi Holding Guns

C1 For The Streets
C2 I'm Like Howard Stern
C3 Kid Joe Anthem

D1 Rock The Kazbah
D2 Raw Talent
D3 Squirt
D4 Porn Game Crucifixion