M.O.P. - Straight From The Projects (DVD)

M.O.P. - Straight From The Projects (DVD)

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DVD - US - 2003 - Image Entertainment - nm

Returning to the gritty streets of their youth, rappers show you where it all went down!
Here are the legendary places that inspired the music, with no sugar-coating, no Hollywood sets,
just the real on-the-streets action.
Hang out with M.O.P. on their stomping ground in Brownsville, Brooklyn, one of the toughest neighborhoods there is.
You'll learn how M.O.P. tick, what they're all about and how they live from day to day, representing on the streets and
keeping it real with one of the rawest crews around.
Only by going back to the projects can you get to the heart and soul of M.O.P.'s music.

Hosted by B-Real of Cypress Hill.

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