Lootpack – Weededed (The Lost Mixes) (2EP)

Lootpack – Weededed (The Lost Mixes) (2EP)

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Label: Groove Attack Productions, Superrappin
Country: DE
Released: 2001
Cover: Picture
Format: 2EP
Condition: near mint


A1 Weededed (DJ Nappa Mix)
A2 Weededed (Street Level Mix)
A3 Weededed (Akki & Akaashi Mix)
A4 Weededed (Jan Schmidt Mix)

B1 Weededed (Original Mix)
B2 Weededed (Vertigo Mix)
B3 Weededed (Will Be Mix)

C1 Weededed (Original Version Instrumental)
C2 Weededed (Vertigo Instrumental)
C3 Weededed (Will Be Instrumental)
C4 Weededed (Akki & Akaashi Instrumental)

D1 Weededed (DJ Nappa Instrumental)
D2 Weededed (Street Level Instrumental)
D3 Weededed (Jan Schmidt Instrumental)