Loop.Holes – Loopstrumentals (LP)

Loop.Holes – Loopstrumentals (LP)

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LP - UK - PC - 2019 - Blunt Shelter Records - sealed

Limited to only 313 copies !!!

A1 Believe That (Loot Fattig & Marshtini)
A2 No More Drama (Loot Fattig)
A3 Krew (Loot Fattig)
A4 Microphone Master (Loot Fattig & Henc)
A5 Where (Loot Fattig)
A6 Lyrical Style (Filliboom & Loot Fattig)
A7 Still searchin'

B1 Gettin' Busey (Type.Raw & Filliboom)
B2 Static (Type.Raw & Uncle Filth)
B3 Smooth Trick (Marshtini)
B4 Hard Knocks (Type.Raw & Loot Fattig)
B5 Time (Type.Raw & Loot Fattig)
B6 State of Mind (Type.Raw & Loot Fattig)
B7 Blunted Flavour (Type.Raw & BluntOne)