Lewis Parker ‎– The Glass Ceiling Instrumentals (2LP)

Lewis Parker ‎– The Glass Ceiling Instrumentals (2LP)

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2xLP - UK - PC - 2014 - KingUnderground Records - sealed

A1 The Glass Clouds
A2 The Glass Ceiling
A3 World On Your Shoulders
A4 Glass (Link 1)
A5 Ariel View
A6 Big Themes For Lil Loser's
A7 Glass (Link 2)
A8 Summer With Asakala

B1 Shark
B2 Face Of Illusion (Link)
B3 Chameleon
B4 Robbery
B5 Alone Thoughts
B6 Excursions
B7 Hard Endeavour

C1 Drum Drama (Skit)
C2 Words For The Boss
C3 Behind Backs
C4 Espionage Ring
C5 The Facts Remain
C6 Face Of Illusion
C7 Vibrato Illusion
C8 Truth Sydrome

D1 Walking On A Razor Pt 2 (Extended Version)
D2 Glass Survival (Link 3)
D3 Game Of Survival
D4 Hand Of Jokers
D5 Race With The Devi
D6 Glass Beat (Link 4)
D7 Worldwide Assassination