Klashnekoff – Fuck The Long Talk (LP)

Klashnekoff – Fuck The Long Talk (LP)

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Label: S.O.N Entertainment
Country: UK
Released: 2017
Cover: Picture
Format: LP
Condition: sealed

A1 Intro
A2 Dat Time
A3 Wobble Wobble (Skit)
A4 Brand New Day
A5 Do It Like
A6 Clear My Throat Freestyle
A7 Got To Be Right

B1 DJ Meloss (Skit)
B2 Match Time
B3 DJ Meloss (Skit)
B4 Stick N Move
B5 In At The End Deep End
B6 Life In The Bits
B7 Battle
B8 Cause & Effect (Freestyle) (feat. Gentleman)
B9 Heed My Words
B10 Elevardo