Kan Kick ‎– Seeing Spirits (LP)

Kan Kick ‎– Seeing Spirits (LP)

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LP - DE - PC - 2015 - Vinyldigital - sealed

Limited to 500 copies !!!

A1 Morning (Enjoy) Interlude
A2 Advanced Balance (feat. Lee Ism & Vic Monsoon)
A3 Audio Car Charge
A4 Skit: Paranoid
A5 First Of The Day
A6 Violins Of Chaos (Whoop 'Em)
A7 Seeing Spirits
A8 1974 (Funkin' Peace Choir)
A9 Memory Band Interlude
A10 It's Zukie
A11 Alien Folk Urbanaire (Beat Tape)
A12 In Space In Love
A13 Skit: Leather Shop
A14 Undisputed Harvest

B1 45's World (Tribute To The 45 King)
B2 Bill Withers Interlude
B3 Better Waze (feat. Dudley Perkins)
B4 Hold It In
B5 Flowers For Minnie
B6 Skit: Mas Fire
B7 Originill O.X. Jazz Cats
B8 Warped Mind Art Association
B9 Not Seriously Taken
B10 The Rituals (Never Typical)
B11 Prepare Interlude
B12 W.2.W.
B13 Get The Fuck Hip
B14 S.I.P. (Suckas Is Paranoid)