Kan Kick ‎– Full Time Work Part Time Pay  (2LP)

Kan Kick ‎– Full Time Work Part Time Pay (2LP)

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2xLP - DE - PC - 2015 - Vinyldigital - sealed

Limited to 500 copies !!!

A1 A Loom Of Natty
A2 You Go, Uno
A3 Holy Grass
A4 One More Look
A5 Korea
A6 C.D.P. Funk Farm

B1 Pass It (feat. Cornbread of Kali Wild)
B2 On The Run From....
B3 Tainted Orange Juice
B4 To The Ghetto (Style)
B5 Lika (feat. Mystery Babies)
B6 Pushed From A Shove

C1 Tranquility Pt.3 (feat. Kan Kick & Dex)
C2 Romes In Rotation (feat. DJ Romes of Loot Pack)
C3 Enviromental Terrorism Pt.1
C4 James Dynamite Space
C5 Militant Black Sistas
C6 Mugu Rock Solace

D1 The Future Pt.3 (feat. D. Voo & God's Gift)
D2 Afrikan Stop Africom
D3 When Will I Learn (feat. Nonameko)
D4 Cali Pop Lock Tribal
D5 Trail Alone