Jazz Spastiks ‎– The Product (LP)

Jazz Spastiks ‎– The Product (LP)

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LP - UK - PC - 2016 - Dusty Platter - new

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A1 The Product Intro
A2 Power Of The Tongue (feat. Sach)
A3 Drop
A4 Dumb! (feat. Yesh)
A5 Hits
A6 Move (feat. Apani B. Fly)
A7 Tapedeck
A8 Delecious (feat. Count Bass D)

B1 Flying
B2 Select The Dialect
B3 The Product
B4 Frequency (feat. Moka Only)
B5 Jazz Party
B6 Woofers And Tweeters
B7 Rhyming And Freestyling
B8 Parley To Parlet (feat. Ladybug Mecca)