Jam Baxter ‎– The Gruesome Features (2LP)

Jam Baxter ‎– The Gruesome Features (2LP)

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2xLP - UK - PC - 2016 - High Focus Records - sealed

Limited to 500 copies !!!

A1 Brains
A2 Borrowed Time (feat. Ed Scissortongue)
A3 E.F.T. (feat. Mr Key)
A4 Who (feat. Leaf Dog)

B5 Gourmet Flesh (feat. Ramson Badbonez)
B6 Q (feat. DJ Sammy B-Side)
B7 Avalanche (feat. King Kaiow)
B8 Eggs (feat. Dabbla)

C9 Filet Mignon (feat. Dirty Dike)
C10 Fine (feat. Chester P)
C11 Altitude Sickness (feat. Ronnie Bosh)
C12 Squashed (feat. Verb T)

D13 Larvae (feat. Fliptrix)
D14 Tin Of Worms (feat. Chester P)
D15 Chemical Sweats (feat. Mowgli)
D16 Snooze Button / Gruesome Features