Homeliss Derilex ‎– Fraudulent (2LP)

Homeliss Derilex ‎– Fraudulent (2LP)

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Label: Hip-Hop Enterprise‎
Country: BEL
Released: 2021
Cover: Picture
Format: 2LP
Condition: sealed

Limited to 100 copies on black vinyl !!!

A1 HDz (1994)
A2 Fraudulent (1994)
A3 Fuck You (1994)
A4 Survive'n The Game (1996)

B1 Cool Baby (1993) (feat. Encore)
B2 Real Hip-Hop (Interlude)
B3 Operations (1993)
B4 Baby Song (1992)

C1 Dead Grounds (1996)
C2 D-Struct (Interlude)
C3 Only On Thursday (1996)
C4 Extensive Damage (1993) (feat. Persevere)

D1 Fresh As Me (Interlude)
D2 Lesson One (1993)
D3 Whiskey (Interlude)
D4 Like That (1997) (feat. Encore)
D5 Manslaughter (1997) (feat. Holocaust)