Harleckinz – 90two90six: The Demo Tapes (2xTape)

Harleckinz – 90two90six: The Demo Tapes (2xTape)

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Label: 90's Tapes
Country: EU
Released: 2024
Cover: Picture
Format: 2xTape
Condition: new

Limited to only 100 copies !!!


Tape 1:

A1 Manamana
A2 It's As Simple As That
A3 The Jokes On You
A4 Watch Your Back!
A5 Who Laughs Last?
A6 Boom Bam
A7 Harleckintro
A8 Hokus Pokus

B1 Harleckinterlude
B2 Join Us
B3 Harleckinterlude 2
B4 Eyes Of A Joker
B5 The Jokes On You (Instrumental)
B6 Watch Your Back! (Instrumental)
B7 Boom Bam (Instrumental)
B8 Harlemental
B9 Hokus Pokus (Instrumental)
B10 Join Us (Instrumental)


Tape 2:

A1 Somethin'?!
A2 Beats & Rhymes
A3 Show You
A4 No Matter The Weather
A5 Experiences
A6 Enter The Cypher

B1 Shadows
B2 Represent The Real Hip Hop
B3 Bullseye
B4 Things That’s Forever
B5 You Heard Of Us
B6 Don’t Sleep