Figub Brazlevič ‎– Moabit / From Ghettos To Galaxies (2LP)

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Label: Kreʞрek Records
Country: DE
Released: 2020
Cover: Picture
Format: 2LP
Condition: new

Limited to 1000 copies !!!

incl. signed poster & stickers !!!

Vinyl 1 - Moabit:

A1 Tuttlingen Dodgers
A2 The Callenge
A3 Clockwork Color
A4 Lovin It The Hard Way
A5 Influence
A6 Rough Rugged

B1 Smell The Words
B2 All At Once At The Same Time
B3 Bang Boom Bang
B4 Attack Of The Defenders
B5 Sewer Sights
B6 I Put My Jay To Sleep
B7 The Main Ingridient

Vinyl 2 - From Ghettos To Galaxies:

C1 From Ghettos To Galaxies (feat. Bluestaeb)
C2 90s All Stars
C3 Boat Chase - All Along The Coasts
C4 The Rising
C5 Funky Fresh Copilots
C6 Ghetto Space Patrol
C7 Time Traveler

D1 Never Surrender
D2 Do Ya Thang
D3 Opinion Takeover
D4 Survival of The Flava
D5 Take My Life
D6 Members Of The Head Nod Clan
D7 De La Smoke