Dysfunkshunal Familee – Mixed Emotions (Tape)

Dysfunkshunal Familee – Mixed Emotions (Tape)

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Label: 90's Tapes
Country: EU
Released: 2021
Cover: Picture
Format: Tape
Condition: sealed

Limited to 100 copies !!!

A1 Armageddon Intro
A2 My Mind
A3 Tear Your Kingdom Down
A4 Run Around
A5 Same Ole Same Ole
A6 Life & Death
A7 Cause We Dysfunkshunal
A8 Feeling The Highs
A9 In Life

B1 Some People
B2 Shine
B3 Armageddon
B4 8 Million Stories
B5 Suicide
B6 Armageddon Cut
B7 Some Things Bad, Some Things Good
B8 Make U Feel Good
B9 D-Rock Revenge
B10 We Lose The Game
B11 Bazarro Outro