Da Great Deity Dah Action Figure USB Stick

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1. Celestial Missionaries (Double Trouble Pt.1) (feat. Ibn Nur Quiet Storm 720)
2. Life Or Death (Holy Eucharist)
3. Coining Phrases
4. Penetrate The Soul
5. Trapped In The Middle State
6. Day I Raped Hip-Hop
7. Indecent Proposal (feat. Ibn Nur Quiet Storm 720)
8. Dapper
9. Double Trouble (feat. Ibn Nur Quiet Storm 720)
10. Elements Of The Universe (feat. The Mystical Pharoahs)
11. Runnin Off With Your Cognitive Patterns (R.O.W.Y.C.P.)
12. Middle Passage (feat. The Mystical Pharoahs)
13. Narcotics