Da Fat Cat Clique ‎– Ode To The Cool Cat (CD)

Da Fat Cat Clique ‎– Ode To The Cool Cat (CD)

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Label: DFCC Records
Country: US
Released: 1998
Cover: Picture
Format: CD
Condition: near mint

1. Happy's Lounge (Intro)
2. Vice
3. The Pick Up (Interlude)
4. Watchitsucka! (Rock Wit Da Clique)
5. Showdown
6. Crew (feat. MayB)
7. The Gathering
8. Da Flow '96 (feat. EST, Ital Tha Ruffian, LaVee, Madddrama, Rugged'Ness & The Man They Call Lux)
9. Can U Feel Me? '97 (feat. Jaguar)
10. On The Ave. (Interlude)
11. The Only One (feat. CatNip)
12. Overdue (feat. Ital Tha Ruffian, Ill Advised & Rahsheed)
13. Fabulous (feat. MayB)
14. Funk You Up
15. The Follow-Up (Interlude)
16. Ode To The Cool Cat
17. All In Love Is Fair
18. Loved This Package (Interlude)
19. Happys Lounge (Outro)

Bonus Tracks:

20. The D.E.A.N.s List (For The Haters)
21. Fat Cat Christmas