Christmaz & Figub Brazlevič ‎– Ego & Soul (2LP)

Christmaz & Figub Brazlevič ‎– Ego & Soul (2LP)

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2xLP - D - PC - 2016 - Vinyldigital - sealed

Limited to 500 copies !!!

A1 Living For The Art (feat. Noritsu)
A2 Dat Hardcore Ish (feat. Blabbermouf, Dookie & Teknical Development)
A3 Samurai Ninja Wizzards (feat. Omniverses)

B1 The Grind (Get It On) (feat. Tesla)
B2 Sun & Moon
B3 Ego & Soul (feat. Tesla)
B4 Europe Under Pressure (feat. Blabbermouf, Merlin Alexander & Teknical Development)

C1 Dem Major
C2 Street Kingz, Wild Lions
C3 Crystal Cypher (feat. Noritsu)

D1 Adapted Like Water (feat. Mad Flows, Merlin Alexander & Tesla)
D2 It's Really Christmaz
D3 Originoo (feat. Maniac)
D4 Soul & Ego (feat. Tesla)