Brous One ‎– Cinta De Ritmos One 2 Three (2LP)

Brous One ‎– Cinta De Ritmos One 2 Three (2LP)

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Label: Vinyl Digital
Country: DE
Released: 2018
Cover: Picture
Format: 2LP
Condition: sealed


A1 Soundcheck
A2 Pisco Sour
A3 Arte
A4 Señorita
A5 Yea
A6 Real Eyes
A7 La Conocí
A8 Mala Suerte
A9 No Es Difícil
A10 Cinta
A11 Deseo
A12 Camina
A13 A Veces Happy
A14 Gatos

B1 Campana
B2 Día A Día
B3 Domingo
B4 Adiós
B5 Always Real
B6 Kill Time
B7 Dedicada
B8 Indeciso
B9 Woman
B10 Control
B11 Old Soul
B12 Nostalgia

C1 Jazzy Joint
C2 Antiestético
C3 Game
C4 Volumen
C5 Writin' Rhymes
C6 Canta
C7 Deal
C8 Vida
C9 Bonjour
C10 Lost Pieces
C11 Contento
C12 Seele

D1 Sorry For The Delay
D2 Picante
D3 Otra Vez
D4 Drink One More
D5 Mi Gente
D6 Feel Like A Sir
D7 Pheromones
D8 Where's My Cheese
D9 Y'all Know The Kit
D10 Infinito