Blabbermouf ‎– Ain't Backin' Down (2LP)

Blabbermouf ‎– Ain't Backin' Down (2LP)

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Label: Vinyl Digital
Country: EU
Released: 2019
Cover: Picture
Format: 2LP
Condition: sealed

Limited to 500 copies !!!

A1 Intro
A2 Follow My Flow
A3 Resonate
A4 Interlude
A5 All The Time (feat. SQB)
A6 Stop Still
A7 Who Goes There (feat. EllMatic)

B1 We Ain't Backin' Down
B2 Oyelo
B3 Ready For This (Get It On)
B4 Get High (feat. EllMatic)
B5 Take It Away
B6 Nasty (feat. SQB)
B7 Rampin' Remix (feat. Christmaz)

C1 Intro (Instrumental)
C2 Follow My Flow (Instrumental)
C3 Resonate (Instrumental)
C4 Interlude (Instrumental)
C5 All The Time (Instrumental)
C6 Stop Still (Instrumental)
C7 Who Goes There (Instrumental)

D1 We Ain't Backin' Down (Instrumental)
D2 Oyelo (Instrumental)
D3 Ready For This (Get It On) (Instrumental)
D4 Get High (Instrumental)
D5 Take It Away (Instrumental)
D6 Nasty (Instrumental)
D7 Rampin' Remix (Instrumental)