Awon & Parental – Sublime (2LP)

Awon & Parental – Sublime (2LP)

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Label: Akromégalie Records, HHV
Country: EU
Released: 2024
Cover: Picture
Format: 2LP
Condition: sealed

Limited to 500 copies on black vinyl !!!

A1 Sublime
A2 Goretex
A3 Legacy
A4 Fine Lines (feat. Tiff The Gift)
A5 Moonlight
A6 Abstrations (feat. Pete Flux)

B1 Slow Dance
B2 Cream (Interlude)
B3 Searching (feat. Fresh Daily)
B4 Mind
B5 Microcosm
B6 Memory Image (feat. Anti Lilly)
B7 Until We Go

C1 Sublime (Instrumental) 
C2 Goretex (Instrumental)
C3 Legacy (Instrumental)
C4 Fine Lines (Instrumental)
C5 Moonlight (Instrumental)
C6 Abstrations (Instrumental)

D1 Slow Dance (Instrumental)
D2 Cream (Instrumental)
D3 Searching (Instrumental)
D4 Mind (Instrumental)
D5 Microcosm (Instrumental)
D6 Memory Image (Instrumental)
D7 Until We Go (Instrumental)