Non Phixion ‎– The Green (CD + DVD)

Non Phixion ‎– The Green (CD + DVD)

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Label: Uncle Howie Records
Country: US
Released: 2009
Cover: Picture
Format: CD + DVD
Condition: near mint

CD.01 Intro
CD.02 Existence
CD.03 Farragut Road
CD.04 We All Bleed
CD.05 Eclipse Promo
CD.06 Info Junkies
CD.07 Caught Between Worlds
CD.08 89.9 Freestyle 1 (feat. Necro)
CD.09 Make It Happen (feat. D.V. Alias Khrist)
CD.10 The Freshfest
CD.11 Illuminati
CD.12 Big Don Vincenzo
CD.13 Area 51
CD.14 89.9 Freestyle 2
CD.15 Criminal
CD.16 Doo Wop Freestyle
CD.17 89.9 Promo
CD.18 Implantable Transponders
CD.19 The Full Monty
CD.20 Skum
CD.21 Toothache
CD.22 Food
CD.23 Hot 97.1 Freestyle
CD.24 Don't Get Beside Yourself (feat. Hostyle)
CD.25 Refuse To Lose
CD.26 God Is An Atheist

DVD.01 The C.I.A. Is Trying To Kill Me (Live)
DVD.02 Who We Are (Interview)
DVD.03 Futurama (Live)
DVD.04 Our Style (Interview)
DVD.05 Skum (Live)
DVD.06 Gore Story (Interview)
DVD.07 Hated (Live)
DVD.08 Porn (Interview)
DVD.09 Argument (Video Footage)
DVD.10 Live At Splash Festival
DVD.11 Cousin Steve (Video Footage)
DVD.12 Road Again (Video Footage)
DVD.13 Label Drama (Interview)
DVD.14 Rock Stars (Video Clip)
DVD.15 Uncle Howie (Interview)
DVD.16 Clean Sneaks (Interview)
DVD.17 Fast Food (Interview)
DVD.18 It's Us (Live)
DVD.19 Where We Grew Up (Interview)
DVD.20 Eclipse's Records (Interview)
DVD.21 City Kids (Interview)
DVD.22 Live At Union Square
DVD.23 Black Helicopters (Live)
DVD.24 State Of Hip-Hop (Interview)
DVD.25 Soundcheck (Video Footage)
DVD.26 Farts (Video Footage)
DVD.27 Who Inspired You (Interview)
DVD.28 14 Years Of Rap (Video Clip) (feat. Jise One & Q-Unique)
DVD.29 Our Peoples (Interview)
DVD.30 They Got... (Live)
DVD.31 Before Non Phixion (Interview)
DVD.32 Suicide Bomb (Live) (feat. The Beatnuts)
DVD.33 Amsterdam (Interview)
DVD.34 If You Got Love (Live)
DVD.35 Outro (Credits)

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