Madlib & Peanut Butter Wolf ‎– The Other Side (Los Angeles) (CD + DVD)

Madlib & Peanut Butter Wolf ‎– The Other Side (Los Angeles) (CD + DVD)

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Label: Deaf Dumb & Blind
Country: US
Released: 2007
Cover: Picture
Format: CD + DVD
Condition: near mint

CD-1. The Lightmen Plus One - Energy Control Center
CD-2. Cybertron - Clear
CD-3. Dabrye - Game Over (feat. Jay Dee & Phat Kat)
CD-4. Steve Grossman - Inmate Man
CD-5. Prince Jazzbo - Blood Dunza
CD-6. Sun Ra Arkestra - Nuclear War
CD-7. Quasimoto - Greenery
CD-8. Outlaw Blues Band - Deep Gully
CD-9. Madlib - Infinity
CD-10. Leroy "Horsemouth" Wallace - Herb Vendor
CD-11. Rhythm Machine - Freakish Love
CD-12. Mark Murphy - Sly
CD-13. Harris & Orr - Spread Love
CD-14. MED - What It Do (feat. Poke)
CD-15. Beat Konducta - Smog Theme
CD-16. Jaylib - Survival Test
CD-17. Freestyle Fellowship - Park Bench People

DVD-1. Peanut Butter Wolf - Shopping
DVD-2. Peanut Butter Wolf - Food
DVD-3. Peanut Butter Wolf - Nightlife
DVD-4. Peanut Butter Wolf - Sights
DVD-5. Peanut Butter Wolf - Accommodation
DVD-6. Peanut Butter Wolf - Miscellaneous
DVD-7. Peanut Butter Wolf - Sounds

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