Dilated Peoples – The Release Party (CD + DVD)

Dilated Peoples – The Release Party (CD + DVD)

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Label: Decon, ABB Soul 
Country: US
Released: 2007
Cover: Picture
Format: DVD + CD
Condition: excellent

DVD-1. The Release Party
DVD-2. 3rd Degree (Music Video)
DVD-3. Work The Angles (Music Video)
DVD-4. The Platform (Music Video)
DVD-5. The Platform (Eric Sermon Remix) (Music Video)
DVD-6. No Retreat (Music Video)
DVD-7. Worst Comes To Worst (Music Video)
DVD-8. This Way (Music Video)
DVD-9. Back Again (Music Video)

Bonus CD:

CD-1. The Release Party
CD-2. Spit It Clearly (feat. The Alchemist)
CD-3. Mr. Slow Flow (Remix) (feat. PMD)
CD-4. Rakaa & Babu – Expansion Team Soundsystem
CD-5. Olde English (Remix) (feat. Defari)
CD-6. Evidence – Hot And Cold (Remix) (feat. Casual)
CD-7. The Eyes Have It (Remix)