WunDrop – The X-Brain Yo-Yo Tape (CD)

WunDrop – The X-Brain Yo-Yo Tape (CD)

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Label: Yogocop Records
Country: UK
Released: 2016
Cover: Picture
Format: CD
Condition: new

Limited to 150 copies !!!


1. Pipe Lines
2. Pocket Fluff
3. Maccy D Baby Boom (feat. Kemastry)
4. Free Ned Bundy (Skit) (feat. Dingo)
5. Wun Killa
6. Up Down South East (feat. Ergoh & NuphZed)
7. The Potion (feat. Ash The Author)
8. STI's (Skit)
9. The X-Brain Yo-Yo (feat. Kemastry)